About 3IT Berlin

Innovation Center for Immersive Imaging Technologies Berlin

The 3IT offers its partners the unique opportunity to jointly develop the field of immersive imaging technologies in a precompetitive environment. With its 600 m2 facilities it is not only a virtual network but a platform and venue at the same time.

Starting out as the 3D Innovation Center in 2012 the scope was officially extended in September 2014. Now the whole field of immersive imaging technologies, including 3D technology, UHD, HDR, HFR and VR is covered.

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3IT Innovation center for immersive imaging technologies

3IT Network

Actors of the Whole Sector of Immersive Imaging Technologies

A bilateral agreement between a company and the Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute offers prospective partners the choice between a variety of membership categories – between Bronze, Gold, Silver or Platinum status. Whichever membership status they choose, partners can always avail themselves of the 3IT as an event venue, marketing platform and networking nexus. Active participation in special projects is open to all partners. With the Platinum Partnership, the highest membership category, partners are also free to participate in setting the strategic direction of the 3IT in the Steering Committee.

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The 3IT platform is constantly refined and developed further in close collaboration with its partners. Some projects were started specifically between partners and later supported by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi). Other technical developments and collaborations came into existence during one of the 3IT’s events or get-togethers, where it actively contributed so that contacts were built and opinions were exchanged. These are some of the innovation center’s selected projects that are introduced in more detail here.